What Quest is Best For You?


What Quest is Best For You?


Boost Challenge 1 on 1 with Sarah Grieb

Embrace the Challenge &
Experience a Cellular Transformation!

Many years ago I decided to go on a quest for my Optimal Health and invited my closest friends to join me.  What we discovered has radically transformed our lives and many others since then.

We invite you to gather your friends and family and join us in living optimal!

Boost Challenge

  • One 20min Orientation
  • Six 45min Sessions
  • Six Personalized Challenges

Solo Quest

$1895per book
  • Quest Workbook
  • Self Guided
  • Start Now

Cell Quest

$99956 books
  • 6 Quest Workbooks
  • Build your Group
  • Start Now

Guided Quest

  • Quest Workbook
  • Exclusive Group with Sarah Grieb
  • Starts 09/20/2019

A self-rewarding challenge. Exercise is now a life style and the word “diet” means healthy choices. The Optimal You has given me the will power to meet my goals and then create new ones that have superseded what I first thought I could achieve.

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