Successful Quests Stories

I was not prepared for the experience, support, love and transformation that Optimal you offered! Optimal you provided space for me to not only gain a fundamental deeper understanding of myself and the unhealthy habits I engaged in but it also challenged me in beginning to develop new healthy habits! I released 30 pounds and realized that eating nutritious and exercising were not at all life limiting as I have always believed them to be!! I am forever changed!
Ilian A., California
Just two weeks into the Optimal You journey I feel like a new man … it has brought a renewed sense of passion and whole new way of engaging life as an adventure! It is my belief that how I engage my time with the Optimal Journey will and is having a direct impact on my business. I am already reaping the rewards of confidence, clarity, energy and seeing our new marketing firm reaping the benefits.
Scott S., Entrepreneur, MI , 41 years alive
Optimal You is truly Revolutionary! This program has transformed my relationship with nutrition and my overall fitness mindset! It has given me the tools to push myself further in my running and my confidence in pursuing new areas of growth – physically, emotionally, and spiritually! This is a life changing adventure! I highly recommend it if you need to Lose weight or just go deeper in your overall health!
Jennifer C., Massage Therapist, 37 years alive
I am absolutely thrilled with Optimal You … I can drink coffee again, I can enjoy raw milk, and after the 1st week, I thought the BNP [Basic Nutrition Plan] was extremely limiting — then I discovered how creative one can get. It has also helped me reach unprecedented levels of fitness, giving me the energy and strength to bang out 100 pushups after only 3 mos on the program and run a sub-7:30 mile — not bad for a 53-yr old!!! I am proudly off of 3 out of 4 medications and 100% convinced that I will maintain this optimal way of living for the rest of my life — because it’s the right thing for the right reasons — and it’s FUN!
Larry G., 53 years alive
People all over the world can have their lives changed in the best direction possible! I just started but I’m living proof!
Shelley D., Wife and Mother, 49 years alive
The Optimal You Quest is supporting me through the teamwork to make many new discoveries about myself and therefore assist me on the Journey to becoming all that I can be! I would describe the Quest experience as awesome, life changing, should be mandatory for life!
Karen C., Director of Marketing, 47 years alive
A self-rewarding challenge. Exercise is now a life style and the word “diet” means healthy choices. The Optimal You has given me the will power to meet my goals and then create new ones that have superseded what I first thought I could achieve.
Lorie K., Teacher, 42 years alive
I would describe the Optimal You Quest as fantastic, enjoyable, rewarding, challenging and exciting. I achieved my waist inches goal as well as discovering all kinds of valuable fitness and nutritious information, and being and feeling stronger.
Greg S., Business Consultant, 62 years alive